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Basic conversations

Basic conversations Beginner Level 10 min

06. Who are you?

Read the dialogue. Check the translation. Listen to the audio and repeat after the speakers.

Oksana: Добрий вечір, Олівер! Good evening, Oliver!
Oliver: Добрий вечір, Оксана! Good evening, Oksana!
Oksana: Олівер, хто ти є? Oliver, who are you?
Oliver: Я - тренер.
А хто ти, Оксана?
I am a coach.
And who are you, Oksana?
Oksana: Я - вчитель української мови. I am a teacher of Ukrainian language.
Oliver: Це дуже цікаво, Оксана. It is very interesting, Oksana.
Oksana: До зустрічі, Олівер. See you, Oliver.
10 Jan, 2019