Ukrainian speaking club

Be welcome to join out group.

Here you will find group classes of the Ukrainian language. Every day we have a class of Ukrainian grammar, poetry, travel phrases, reading and speaking class. Every Sunday we have a very special class with an invited person who shares Ukrainian traditions and folk art with us. We sing songs together, read books, and have warm conversations.

Basic conversations

Basic conversations Beginner Level 10 min

16. Are you sure?

ти впевнений? - are you sure? (m)
ти впевнена? - are you sure? (f)

Read the dialogue. Check the translation. Listen to the audio and repeat after the speakers.

Oksana: Олівер, сьогодні на вулиці холодно. Oliver, today is cold outside.
Oliver: Так, сьогодні дуже холодно.
Я готовий іти.
Yes, today is very cold.
I am ready to go.
Oksana: Ти впевнений, що хочеш піти на вулицю без шапки? Are you sure that you want to go outside without a hat?
Oliver: Так, я не люблю шапки.
Краще я візьму кепку.
Yes, I do not like hats.
I better take a cap.
Oksana: Так краще.
Тепер ми можемо йти на вулицю.
That is better.
Now we can go outide.
Let`s go?
Oliver: Так, йдемо. Yes, let`s go.
20 Feb, 2019