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Travel tips about Ukraine

Travel tips about Ukraine Beginner Level 20 min

01. The first travel. What to expect from Ukraine?

Hello everyone! This is not a lesson at all. This is a podcast about travelling to Ukraine in English. We hope it helps you to easily prepare yourself for your next trip to Ukraine.

Here we have some questions for Eric as he is an experienced traveler to Ukraine. Today we are going to find answers for the following questions:

  • - How to get prepared for your first trip to Ukraine?
  • - Would you advise to learn a couple of words in Ukrainian before the trip starts?
  • - What is the first thing you should do after you arrive to Ukraine?
  • -  Is it true, that prices are cheap in Ukraine? How much does the beer cost?
  • - Can a tourist find free WiFi in big cities with no problem?
  • - Where is best place to go for the first trip?
  • - Where is  it best not to go for the first trip?
  • - Is it true that coffee is tastier in Ukraine than in America?
  • - "Ukraine is famous by their women". Why do people say that?

Let`s listen what he says about it!

19 Aug, 2019