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Vocabulary Beginner Level 10 min

05. Question words in Ukrainian

що - what
хто - who
кого - whom
де - where
куди - (to) where
звідки - (from) where
скільки - how much, how many
як - how
коли - when
чому - why
котрий - which
Task: Watch the video. Memorize following question words from the video.

1. Write down what you hear.

2. Translate following sentences into Ukrainian. Refer to video to get a hint.

1. What is it?
2. What are you doing?
3. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
4. What date is it today?
5. What are your plans for tomorrow?

6. Who is it?
7. Whose clock is it?
8. Whose bag is it?
9. Whose coat is it?
10. Whom did you see today?

11. Where do you live?
12. Where is your house?
13. Where are you going?
14. WHere are you from?
15. WHere are you?

How, how much
16. How are you?
17. How did you do it?
18. How old are you?
19. How much does this bag cost?
20. How mush does it cost?

03 Sep, 2019