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Vocabulary Beginner Level 15 min

11. Places around the city

1. Study places around the city.
2. Lviv is considered to be one of the best beautiful cities in Ukraine. Watch a video about it and name the places you can see.

3. Where can you...? Де ти можеш...?

1. Зустрітися з клієнтами? Meet with clients?
2. Подивитися фільм? Watch a movie?
3. Почитати книги або взяти їх додому? Read books or take them home?
4. Вчитися? Study?
5. Сісти на поїзд? Take a train? (We don't usually use the construction "take a bus, a train, etc" in Ukrainian. We can use "to sit")

4. Назви місце, яке починається буквою… Name a place that starts with a letter...
08 Nov, 2019