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Vocabulary Beginner Level 35 min

13. Seasons

Я вдома - I am at home
Я можу плавати - I can swim
Взимку - in winter
Влітку - in summer
Весною - in spring
Восени - in autumn
Після школи - after school
Я можу грати футбол - I can play football
Я можу кататися на лижах - I can ski
Я можу кататися на ковзанах - I can skate
Пори року

1. Study the words and do the exercise.
2. This is a video with Ukrainian subtitles for English learners. You can use it to translate words and sentences. The subtitles will help you check the answers.

3. This is another video with Ukrainian subtitles for English learneres. It includes audio so you can listen to the pronunciation. Watch it to practise your listening skills and learn new words.

08 Nov, 2019